Die Rüstung Gottes


You find yourselves in the clutches of the evil underworld. In this hopeless situation, centuries ago, the bravest and most feared knight, Thalion the Shadowhunter, faced the dark forces. After a long battle, he was tricked and cursed to eternal captivity within his own armor, with which he had fought so bravely.

You have been chosen to bring the imprisoned souls of the underworld to freedom and restore the legacy of the brave knight. However, if you fail, your souls will become a part of them, and you will remain prisoners forever.

Your journey begins in the city of lost souls: Nekropolis. On your path back to freedom lie the Tower of the Knight, the Inferno, the Realm of Fire, and the fortress known as “Bastion.” To free the other imprisoned souls of the underworld and restore the legacy of the brave knight, you must find and assemble all the parts of Thalion’s armor.

You have only one hour to complete your task or fail miserably. Assemble the Armor of God correctly, and the magical light will guide you outside, or it will forever draw you into the depths of darkness and damnation. Good luck.