You fall asleep and wake up in a collective nightmare. But you’re not alone. Your friends are here too. Yet, there’s no solace because you’re trapped in a world where your worst fears come true. Spiders, darkness, blood, pain, death—whatever haunts your dreams becomes a cruel reality here.
Looking around, you realize you’re in an abandoned house. The walls are dirty, windows shattered, furniture torn apart. Everything is covered in blood. You hear screams, moans, laughter. You sense you’re unwelcome. You just want to escape.
But how? You must navigate through various puzzles testing your intellect, skill, and courage. Only then can you find the elevator taking you back to the waking world. Hurry, though: time is running out. Fail, and you’ll be forever trapped in your nightmare realm.
Are you ready to confront your fears? Book your ticket now! But be warned: This is not a game for the faint-hearted. You’ll question whether you’re truly awake or still dreaming. And whether you’ll ever wake up again…