You are a group of skeptics who disprove stories about paranormal activities. You don’t believe in myths such as ghosts or demons and think that there is a rational explanation for everything. You have uncovered multiple stories before and are highly convinced to uncover this one.

This time you heard about the Dolphin Hotel. To be more specific room 1408.

Rumor has it that every single guest who has lived in that room, never made it out. They have been killed by supernatural forces.

Perfect case for you! You are absolutely ready to uncover this story. But this time it’s not just a story. You check in and the door gets locked up behind you. You feel that there’s something else – something inexplicable – in this room with you. You have on hour to make it out of this room alive. Or else your names will be added to the list of people who have passed away in room 1408.